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green-dotBiden Reverses One of Trump’s ‘Most Reckless and Irresponsible’ Decisions
(Gizmodo, 6/11/21)

green-dotBiden moves to reverse Trump opening of Alaska forest to logging
(Reuters, 6/11/21)

green-dotForests are crucial to combating climate change — will Biden rise to the challenge?
(AlterNet, 6/10/21)

orange-dotyellow-dotOn Alaska Oil Drilling, Biden Walks a Difficult Path in Search of Bipartisanship
(InsideClimate News, 6/7/21)

yellow-dotThe Arctic National Wildlife Refuge just got a reprieve — but it’s not safe yet
(National Geographic, 6/3/21)

yellow-dotBiden Aims to End Arctic Drilling. A Trump-Era Law Could Foil His Plans.
(The New York Times, 6/2/21)

yellow-dotBiden Suspends Trump-Era Arctic Drilling Leases in Wildlife Refuge Cherished by Environmentalists
(People, 6/2/21)

yellow-dotBiden Suspends Oil Leases in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge While Supporting Drilling Elsewhere in Alaska
(EcoWatch, 6/2/21)

yellow-dotBiden Urged to Go Further After ‘Strong Step’ Toward Protecting Arctic Refuge From Drilling
(Alaska Native News, 6/2/21)

yellow-dotBiden administration suspends oil and gas leases in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
(The Washington Post, 6/1/21)

yellow-dotBiden Suspends Drilling Leases in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
(The New York Times, 6/1/21)

yellow-dotBiden suspends oil leases in Alaska’s Arctic refuge
(The Associated Press, 6/1/21)

yellow-dotBiden suspends Trump-era oil and gas leases in Alaska refuge
(Reuters, 6/1/21)

white-dotLorraine Netro awarded the Glen Davis Conservation Prize
(Yukon News, 5/30/21)

orange-dotBiden’s Justice Department Is Defending a Trump-Era Plan to Drill the Arctic
(Earther, 5/28/21)

orange-dotBiden backs enormous Trump-era Alaska oil drilling project opposed by environmentalists
(The Independent, 5/28/21)

orange-dotBiden administration throws support behind Willow oil project
(Alaska Public Media, 5/27/21)

orange-dotEnvironmentalists condemn Biden's backing of Alaska oil drilling project
(Reuters, 5/27/21)

orange-dotBiden officials condemned for backing Trump-era Alaska drilling project
(The Guardian, 5/27/21)

orange-dotBiden Administration Defends Huge Alaska Oil Drilling Project
(The New York Times, 5/26/21)

white-dotThe outdoors are so white. Here’s how Lena Waithe and Jimmy Chin could change that
(Fast Company, 5/25/21)

white-dotMeet Chad Brown, founder of Love is King
(Outside Business Journal, 5/17/21)

blue-dotArctic coastal drilling rules stay
(Politico Morning Energy, 5/10/21)

blue-dotInterior drops Trump proposal for Arctic offshore drilling
(The Associated Press, 5/7/21)

white-dotAdam Kolton, 53, Dies; Led Fight to Protect Alaskan Refuge
(The New York Times, 5/3/21)

white-dotAdam Kolton, who helped fend off development in Alaska’s wild places, dies at 53
(The Washington Post, 4/30/21)

white-dotRemembering Adam Kolton
(Our Daily Planet, 4/30/21)

white-dotAdam Kolton, defender of the Arctic refuge, dies
(E&E News, 4/27/21)

white-dotKolton, Champion for Collaborative Conservation, Left ‘Indelible Mark’ on Wildlife, Arctic Conservation
(National Wildlife Magazine, 4/26/21)

green-dotAgriculture Department urged to stop funding logging roads in Tongass
(The Cordova Times, 4/22/21)

green-dotThe Calming, Healthful Joy of Visiting an Old-Growth Forest Near You
(Bloomberg, 4/22/21)

green-dotConservation and climate groups call on USDA to end subsidies for Tongass logging
(SitNews, 4/20/21)

white-dotHaaland Pivots Interior Toward Renewable Energy
(Outside Online, 4/19/21)

white-dotHurtigruten Will Donate to Protect Alaskan Wildlife
(Travel Pulse, 4/19/21)

white-dotHurtigruten to Donate 1% of Alaska Cruise Cost to Charity
(Cruise Industry News, 4/19/21)

white-dotHaaland begins work of reversing Trump's pro-fossil fuel, anti-climate agenda
(Hatch Magazine, 4/17/21)

white-dotInterior secretary revokes Trump-era energy orders
(Alaska's News Source, 4/17/21)

white-dot'Watershed Moment' as Haaland Revokes Trump-Era Orders, Creates Climate Task Force
(EcoWatch, 4/17/21)

white-dotModerate nominee shifts battle line over deputy post
(E&E News, 4/15/21)

blue-dotNinth Circuit Court Confirms Obama-Era Protections for Arctic, Atlantic Oceans
(YubaNet, 4/14/21)

blue-dotAppeals court backs drilling protections reinstated by Biden
(The Hill, 4/13/21)

yellow-dotConservation Alliance Awards $1.1 million to Indigenous-Led Conservation Projects
(Inside Outdoor Magazine, 3/31/21)

yellow-dotHere Are 9 Gorgeous Minutes On Why ANWR Must Remain Wild
(Adventure Journal, 3/25/21)

white-dotWhite House pulls nominee for Interior’s No. 2 post after opposition from centrists
(The Washington Post, 3/23/21)

white-dotHaaland's Confirmation as Interior Secretary Hailed as 'Historic and Hopeful Moment'
(EcoWatch, 3/16/21)

white-dotInterior to review federal fossil fuel program, Trump public land fire sale
(YubaNet, 3/9/21)

yellow-dotKaktovik Iñupiat Corp. blames feds for missed ANWR deadline
(Alaska Public Media, 2/26/21)

yellow-dotKaktovik Iñupiat Corporation misses key deadline to do seismic work in Arctic refuge this winter
(Alaska Public Media, 2/22/21)

white-dot500 NGOs Implore Senate Leaders to Confirm Deb Haaland for Interior
(EnviroNews, 2/22/21)

orange-dotAppeals court brings Willow project work to temporary halt
(The Cordova Times, 2/16/21)

orange-dotJudges block work at ConocoPhillips’ huge Alaska project, casting cloud over “North Slope Renaissance”
(Alaska Public Media, 2/16/21)

yellow-dotBiden seeks delays on Arctic drilling challenges
(The Hill, 2/10/21)

orange-dotConocoPhillips Alaska Construction Blocked Pending Appeal
(Bloomberg, 2/8/21)

white-dotOil and gas industry fears Biden will halt key projects in Alaska
(The Arctic Sounder, 2/5/21)

yellow-dotRep. Brian Fitzpatrick sponsors bill to protect Arctic National Refuge
(The Philadelphia Inquirer, 2/4/21)

orange-dotConocoPhillips Alaska Road Construction OK’d Pending Lawsuit
(Bloomberg, 2/2/21)

white-dotWill President Biden's plans to transition away from oil drilling leave Alaska’s economy behind?
(Anchorage Daily News, 1/31/21)

yellow-dotArctic Refuge oil drilling: delayed or halted?
(EuroNews, 1/29/21)

white-dotBiden suspends new leases for oil and gas development on federal lands, including in Alaska
(Alaska Public Media, 1/28/21)


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