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yellow-dotGrim Prospects for Drilling on Arctic Leases Despite Trump Push
(Bloomberg, 1/21/21)

yellow-dotBiden Cancels Keystone XL, Halts Drilling in Arctic Refuge on Day One
(InsideClimate News, 1/21/21)

yellow-dotBiden halts oil and gas development in Arctic refuge hours after inauguration
(Arctic Today, 1/21/21)

yellow-dotPresident Biden moves swiftly to dismantle Trump’s oil legacy
(NS Energy Business, 1/20/21)

green-dotSEACC hosting webinar with Alaska Wilderness League lobbyist
(KINY Radio Juneau, 1/20/21)

yellow-dotTrump administration issues illegal oil and gas leases in the Arctic
(Environment Journal, 1/20/21)

yellow-dotTrump admin finalizes ANWR sale, a challenge for Biden
(E&E News, 1/20/21)

yellow-dotTrump administration issues most leases sold for ANWR oil and gas development
(Anchorage Daily News, 1/19/21)

yellow-dotTrump administration issues last-minute Arctic refuge drilling leases
(Reuters, 1/19/21)

yellow-dotTrump Administration Issues Leases In Alaska's Arctic Refuge
(The Associated Press, 1/19/21)

yellow-dotTrump administration rushes to wrap Arctic oil leases on last day in office
(The Hill, 1/19/21)

yellow-dotTurns Out That the Oil Industry Wasn’t Interested in the Arctic Refuge After All
(Sierra Magazine, 1/15/21)

green-dotDemocrats renew push to restore Roadless Rule in Tongass National Forest
(Alaska Public Media, 1/15/21)

green-dotDems revive push to make roadless rule protections law
(E&E News, 1/13/21)

green-dotDemocrats renew push to restore Roadless Rule in Tongass National Forest
(CoastAlaska, 1/12/21)

yellow-dotIn previously protected Alaskan refuge, auctions begin for drilling
(PBS NewsHour, 1/9/21)

yellow-dot'Ho-hum,' Arctic Refuge oil lease sale a failure for Trump administration
(Digital Journal, 1/9/21)

yellow-dotGood News: Trump's ANWR Oil-Lease Sale Was a Failure
(Outside Online, 1/8/21)

yellow-dotTrump auction of oil leases in Arctic refuge attracts barely any bidders
(The Hill, 1/8/21)

yellow-dotTrump Administration Offers Drilling Leases in the Arctic Refuge, but No Major Oil Firms Bid
(InsideClimate News, 1/7/21)

yellow-dotAlaska Arctic Refuge Oil Lease Sale Ends In Flop
(, 1/7/21)

yellow-dotTrump administration’s sale of Arctic refuge drilling rights labeled an ‘epic failure’
(The Independent, 1/7/21)

yellow-dotOil Companies Aren't Super Interested in Drilling in Alaska's Arctic Refuge After All
(Jezebel, 1/7/21)

yellow-dotOil companies show little interest in Arctic oil rights
(Environment Journal, 1/7/21)

yellow-dotSale of Drilling Leases in Arctic Refuge Fails to Yield a Windfall
(The New York Times, 1/6/21)

orange-dotBLM finalizes revised plan for federal petroleum reserve
(Alaska Journal of Commerce, 1/6/21)

yellow-dotState tops bids in first ANWR lease sale
(Alaska Journal of Commerce, 1/6/21)

yellow-dotUS leases long-sought Alaska oil rights in Trump's final days
(Agence France-Presse, 1/6/21)

yellow-dotBiden Must Stop Trump’s Reckless Plunder in Alaska
Susan Eisenhower op-ed (The New York Times, 1/6/21)

yellow-dotTrump administration drilling auction for Arctic refuge attracts little interest
(Reuters, 1/6/21)

yellow-dotUS Holds First Lease Sale For Alaska's Arctic Refuge
(The Associated Press, 1/6/21)

yellow-dotLittle action at Trump auction for Arctic oil rights
(BBC News, 1/6/21)

yellow-dotTrump auction of oil leases in Arctic refuge attracts barely any bidders
(The Guardian, 1/6/21)

yellow-dot'Epic failure': Trump's ANWR sale comes up short
(E&E News, 1/6/21)

yellow-dotArctic Refuge lease sale brings in $14.4 million in bids, mostly from Alaska state-owned corporation
(Anchorage Daily News, 1/6/21)

orange-dotUS expands oil-industry access to Alaska National Petroleum Reserve
(NS Energy, 1/5/21)

yellow-dotTrump auctions Arctic refuge to oil drillers in last strike against US wilderness
(The Guardian, 1/5/21)

orange-dotInterior finalizes plan to open 80 percent of Alaska petroleum reserve to drilling
(The Hill, 1/4/21)

orange-dotTrump admin opens protected Arctic land to development
(E&E News, 1/4/21)

orange-dotInupiat entity, conservationists, challenge NPR-A construction project
(The Cordova Times, 12/31/20)

yellow-dotWe Should Act Now To Protect The American Arctic (Podcast Episode: 82)
( Talks With..., 12/29/20)

orange-dotConservation groups sue to halt winter work at large ConocoPhillips exploration project
(Anchorage Daily News, 12/24/20)

yellow-dotLook forward, Alaska, not back
Andy Moderow op-ed (Anchorage Daily News, 12/23/20)

green-dotLawsuit Aims at Trump’s Repeal of Logging Restriction in Alaska
(Courthouse News Service, 12/23/20)

green-dotLawsuit challenges Trump's lifting of roadless rule in Alaska's Tongass forest
(Reuters, 12/23/20)

green-dotSoutheast Tribes, Conservation Organizations Sue Trump Administration Over Roadless Rule
(KINY Radio Juneau, 12/23/20)

white-dotIt could take years for Biden to restore wildlife protections erased by Trump
(The Washington Post, 12/22/20)

white-dotGroups launch campaign to secure Biden nominees
(E&E, 12/22/20)

green-dotInvestigation blames U.S. Forest Service for giving Alaska grant used for Roadless Rule fight
(Alaska Public Media, 12/21/20)

yellow-dotBLM pushes forward to promote seismic exploration in Arctic coastal plain
(The Cordova Times, 12/19/20)

yellow-dotAlaska wants to shun banks that don’t fund state oil and gas
(The Associated Press, 12/16/20)

yellow-dotAlaska’s governor wants the state to cut ties with banks who shun Arctic oil drilling
(Arctic Today, 12/15/20)

yellow-dotAmerica's last wilderness is about to go to the highest bidder for oil drilling
Kim Heacox op-ed (The Guardian, 12/15/20)

yellow-dotDunleavy wants state to cut ties with banks that won’t fund Arctic oil projects
(Alaska Public Media, 12/14/20)


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