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white-dotThree University students join environmental fight thru internship
(Deleware State University, 4/18/23)

orangeAs ExxonMobil Dismisses Drilling in Arctic Refuge, Locals Say 'Congress Must Act'
(Common Dreams, 4/17/23)

orangeQ&A: Opposing Alaska’s giant Willow oil project
(Cabin Radio, 4/12/23)

orangeConocoPhillips approved for Willow project, Trustees file appeal
(The Cordoba Times 4/7/23)

orangeGreen groups fight Willow's court win
(E&E News 4/4/23)

orangeGreen Groups 'Undeterred' Despite US Judge Allowing Willow Oil Project to Proceed
(Common Dream 4/4/23)

white-dotAlaska Wilderness League welcomes action to protect Izembek National Wildlife Refuge
(KINY Radio, 3/14/23)

orangeEnvironmental groups seek injunction against Willow project
(Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, 3/14/23)

orangeThe Greens are suing Biden over approval of the Willow oil project
(Heromag, 3/14/23)

orangeEnvironmental groups sue Biden admin in bid to halt Willow oil project in Alaska
(News Pub, 3/14/23)

orangeEnvironmental groups sue to stop ConocoPhillips’ newly approved Willow oil project in Alaska
(Alaska Daily News, 3/14/23)

orangeConocoPhillips Oil Project Challenged by Environmentalists
(Bloomberg, 3/14/23)

orangeEnvironmental groups sue Biden administration over Alaska oil project
(Axios, 3/14/23)

orangeGreen groups sue Biden admin over approval of Alaska Willow oil project
(Reuters, 3/14/23)

orangeAlaska's oil and gas project. Here's what to know.
(Record Patriot, 3/14/23)

orangeBiden says he will also extract oil in the Alaskan Arctic
(National World News, 3/14/23)

orangeBiden administration approves controversial Willow oil project in Alaska, which has galvanized online activism
(CNN, 3/14/23)

orangeBiden greenlights Alaska's Willow oil project to increase US oil production
(USA Today, 3/14/23)

orangeBiden to Limit Arctic Oil Drilling Ahead of Willow Approval
(RigZone, 3/14/23)

orangeAlaska Wilderness League comments on potential Willow Project approval
(KINY Radio, 3/14/23)

orangeBiden Administration Approves Massive Oil Drilling Project In Alaskan Arctic
(Huffpost, 3/14/23)

orangeBiden’s climate targets were already in question — now his ambition is, too
(NBC, 3/14/23)

orangeBiden administration approves controversial Alaskan oil project
(Politico, 3/14/23)

orangeBiden administration approves development of Alaska’s Willow oil project
(Alaska Daily News, 3/14/23)

orangeThe Alaskan wilderness reveals the past and the future
(Economist, 9/8/22, Subscription required, but you can get a free one)

orangeReaders Write: Climate threats, bike lanes, public safety
(StarTribune, 9/7/22)

orangeInterior Department backtracks on public comment period for Willow Project
(Grist, 8/10/22)

orangePresident Biden can (still) defuse the climate bomb in America’s Arctic
(The Hill, 7/23/22)

orangeMajor Arctic Drilling Project Seen as Ultimate Test for Biden's Climate Legacy
(Common Dreams, 7/9/22)

orangeA ‘carbon bomb’ or desperately needed energy? Alaskan village holds key to Biden’s climate policy.
(The Washington Post, 6/27/22)

yellow-dotThe only oil company to buy a lease in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge has canceled that lease
(The Associated Press, 6/2/22)

yellow-dotOil companies exit leases in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
(Argus Media, 6/2/22)

white-dotDiversifying the outdoors in Alaska: Jody Potts -Joseph
(Alaska Public Media, 6/2/22)

white-dotJimmy Carter, at 97, steps into a big fight over a small road in Alaska
(The New York Times, 5/25/22)

orange-dotArctic Alaska won’t solve high gas prices, but it can help the U.S. achieve its climate goals
(The Well News, 5/16/22)

blue-dotBiden administration cancels 3 offshore oil lease sales
(Agence France-Presse, 5/12/22)

green-dotNatural Resources Committee to consider strengthening roadless area protections
(Alaska Native News, 5/12/22)

orange-dotConocoPhillips ramps up lobbying spending during fight over an $8 billion Alaskan oil project
(OpenSecrets, 5/11/22)

white-dotFormer President Jimmy Carter asks to defend Alaska's 'unrivaled wilderness'
(The Associated Press, 5/10/22)

white-dotGreens push court to rethink Izembek road ruling
(E&E News/Politico, 4/29/22)

orange-dotNPR-A Record of Decision shuts 11M acres to oil, gas leasing
(The Cordova Times, 4/27/22)

orange-dotAlaska oilfield gas leak estimated at 7.2 million cubic feet
(The Cordova Times, 4/5/22)

orange-dotU.S. decides to limit leasing in Alaska Petroleum Reserve
(The Associated Press, 4/26/22)

orange-dotInterior to remove millions of acres from possible oil development in National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska
(Anchorage Daily News, 4/26/22)

orange-dotU.S. ditches Trump-era policies for Arctic Alaska oil reserve
(Reuters, 4/26/22)

orange-dotBiden reverses Trump's Alaska oil plan
(E&E News/Politico, 4/26/22)

orange-dotBiden reverses Trump rule and shuts down half of Alaska oil reserve to new drilling
(The Independent, 4/26/22)

orange-dotDick's Sporting Goods: You can help protect Alaska's pristine wilderness
(Protecting Public Lands For All, 4/2/22)

white-dotKit DesLauriers on skiing the world's highest Seven Summits
(VT Digger, 3/27/22)

orange-dot2-week gas leak reignites concerns over Arctic drilling
(E&E News/Politico, 3/17/22)

orange-dotResponse to "Feds halt new drilling in climate change battle"
(Minneapolis Star Tribune, 3/6/22)

orange-dotRepublicans champion Alaska drilling project that poses major climate test for Biden
(The Washington Post, 2/16/22)

green-dotTop environmental groups call on Biden to protect mature forests on federal lands from logging
(The Washington Post, 2/15/22)

green-dotGreen coalition urges federal protection for older forests
(E&E News/Politico, 2/15/22)

orange-dotBiden admin defends approval of more Arctic oil exploration
(E&E News/Politico, 2/9/22)

white-dotAlaska Wilderness League chooses scientist as new director
(E&E News/Politico, Politico Playbook, Politico Morning Energy, 2/7/22)

orange-dotBLM wants input on Alaska drilling project
(Washington Examiner Daily on Energy, 2/4/22)

orange-dotGreen groups demand tougher review of Arctic oil project
(E&E News/Politico, 2/2/22)

green-dotComments pour in on renewed Tongass roadless restrictions
(E&E News/Politico, 1/26/22)

yellow-dotTrump sold off the Arctic Refuge — Congress must end this risky boondoggle
(The Hill, 1/24/22)

orange-dotConocoPhillips’ Arctic plans a defining moment for Joe Biden
(Inside Climate News, 1/23/22)

orange-dotBiden administration moves to restrict oil, gas leasing areas of the NPR-A
(KTUU — Alaska's News Source, 1/12/22)

yellow-dotProtecting America's last great wilderness
(Cheddar News, 1/11/22)

orange-dotBiden administration moves to scrap Trump-era expansion of Arctic drilling
(Yahoo News, 1/11/22)

orange-dotBiden plan to allow drilling in 50% of massive Alaska reserve
(E&E News/Politico, 1/11/22)

green-dotVirtual Rally for the Tongass on Thursday, January 20
(Alaska Native News, 1/11/22)

orange-dotBiden administration moves to scrap Trump-era expansion of Arctic drilling
(HuffPost, 1/10/22)

orange-dotBiden administration plans return to Obama-era protections for National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska
(Anchorage Daily News, 1/10/22)

orange-dotWill Biden’s oil plans unleash an Arctic ‘carbon bomb’?
(E&E News/Politico, 1/7/22)

white-dot8 positive environmental stories from 2021
(A Green Living Blog, 12/30/21)

white-dotHurtigruten Expeditions to donate 1 percent of Alaska, Galapagos bookings
(TravelPulse, 12/1/21)

white-dotGiving Tuesday: Incredible environmental charities worth donating to
(GreenMatters, 11/30/21)

white-dotHurtigruten Expeditions donates to Alaska Wilderness League and Galápagos Conservancy to protect local wildlife
(Eco Magazine, 11/24/21)

green-dotUSDA moves to restore Tongass protections, undoing Trump changes
(E&E News/Politico, 11/19/21)

green-dotBiden set to reverse Trump rule opening pristine Alaskan forest to logging
(Courthouse News Service, 11/19/21)

green-dotFeds move ahead with plan to block Alaska forest logging
(The Associated Press, 11/18/21)

green-dotTug of war over Alaska's Tongass National Forest, called the 'lungs of America'
(ABC News, 11/9/21)

yellow-dotDemocrats’ big spending bill would kick oil companies out of the Arctic Refuge
(Audubon Magazine, 11/8/21)

yellow-dotSalvation at last for the Arctic Refuge?
(Sierra Magazine, 11/4/21)

yellow-dotBiden-backed infrastructure bill would repeal oil drilling in Alaska’s Arctic Refuge
(Arctic Today, 11/1/21)

yellow-dotThe battle over the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is about more than just oil
(Common Dreams, 10/29/21)

yellow-dotBiden administration takes aim at Arctic Refuge in Build Back Better Act
(KTUU — Alaska's News Source, 10/29/21)

yellow-dotU.S. House poised to consider reversal of Trump-era Alaskan wilderness oil drilling
(Courthouse News Service, 10/28/21)

orange-dotAlaska project gets cold shoulder
(Politico, 10/21/21)

orange-dotBiden won't challenge NEPA redo of massive Alaska oil project
(E&E News/Politico, 10/21/21)

yellow-dot7 Indigenous activists to follow to stay informed beyond Indigenous Peoples' Day
(GreenMatters, 10/11/21)

white-dotKeep polar bears and their extensive range safe from oil drilling
(Mongabay, 10/8/21)

yellow-dotEverything you need to know about Paris Fashion Week: Quannah Chasinghorse's breakout season
(Harper's Bazaar, 10/6/21)

white-dotBiden admin will review status of threatened polar bear
(E&E News/Politico, 10/6/21)

white-dotBiden admin. sued for letting Big Oil harass 'imperiled' polar bears
(Common Dreams, 9/16/21)

yellow-dotRed carpet fame offers Alaska Native youth a chance to serve as a role model
(The Arctic Sounder, 9/16/21)


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