Alaska Wilderness League staff and supporters live in every corner of this country. Whenever concerned citizens voice their passion for Alaska’s wilderness in the media, we catalog it. Below you'll find Alaska in the news, as well as the most recent press releases from the League.

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yellow-dotFor the Arctic Refuge, a flurry of activity
(The New York Times, 6/6/2018)

yellow-dotDemocratic amendments reflect overwhelming public desire to protect America’s Arctic
Statement by Kristen Miller, Conservation Director (6/6/2018)

yellow-dotFeds Receive First Application to Explore Arctic Refuge for Oil
(Ecowatch, 5/31/2018)

yellow-dotInterior Department worried about application for oil, gas exploration in Arctic Refuge
(Washington Examiner, 5/31/2018)

yellow-dotNative Corporations ask to start looking for oil in Arctic Refuge
(APRN, 5/31/2018)

yellow-dotFirms apply to hunt for oil in Arctic Refuge
(Greenwire $, 5/31/2018)

yellow-dotCompanies Want to Begin Exploring the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for Oil by Winter
(Earther, 5/31/2018)

yellow-dotNewly revealed seismic exploration plan threatens every inch of the Arctic Refuge coastal plain
Statement by Adam Kolton, Executive Director (5/31/2018)

yellow-dotAdministration Continues Push For Arctic Oil
(WXPR Public Radio, 5/25/2018)

yellow-dotAlaska Wilderness League's Kristen Miller on the need to protect the Arctic Refuge
(WOCA The Source Radio, 5/24/2018)

yellow-dotDemocratic bill would prevent oil and gas drilling in Arctic Refuge
(Greenwire $, 5/22/2018)

yellow-dotNew legislation would repeal disastrous Arctic Refuge tax bill drilling provision
Group Statement (5/22/2018)

green-dotFarm bill amendment puts millions of acres of Tongass old-growth at risk
Statement by Adam Kolton, Executive Director (5/17/2018)

green-dotAlaskans Challenge Old-Growth Timber Sale in Tongass National Forest
Group Statement (5/16/2018)

yellow-dotGwich’in Nation Joined by Institutional Investors in Call to Defend Arctic Refuge from Drilling
Group Statement (5/14/2018)

green-dotOutdoor Explorer: Prince William Sound
(Alaska Public Radio, 4/27/2018)

blue-dotU.S. extends comment period for Beaufort Sea drilling
(United Press International, 4/26/2018)

green-dotReply to Tongass roadless exemption bid imminent — official
(E&E Daily $, 4/25/2018)

white-dotMore than 100 groups call on Congress to oppose weakening national park protections
(The Hill, 4/24/2018)

yellow-dotGwich’in Call on Canadians to Speak Out Against Trump’s Arctic Drilling Push
(DeSmogBlog Canada, 4/21/2018)

yellow-dotArctic wilderness area in Alaska to be opened to drilling
(United Press International, 4/20/2018)

yellow-dotTrump administration launches process to lease ANWR for drilling
(Anchorage Daily News, 4/19/2018)

yellow-dotInterior Department takes step toward drilling in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
(USA Today, 4/19/2018)

yellow-dotNotice of Intent will officially launch Trump administration push on Arctic Refuge leasing
Statement by Adam Kolton, Executive Director (4/19/2018)

yellow-dotTrump Administration Prepares for Lease Sale in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
Group Statement (4/19/2018)

yellow-dotFOIA Tracking - Arctic Refuge
(Politico Morning Energy, 4/11/2018)

blue-dotBeaufort Sea lease sale solicitation draws objections
(Associated Press, 3/29/2018)

blue-dotArctic Drilling Lease Sale Proposed for 2019 in Beaufort Sea, Once Off-Limits
(InsideClimate News, 3/29/2018)

blue-dotU.S. issues call for information on Arctic lease for drillers
(United Press International, 3/29/2018)

blue-dotTrump wades into Arctic with proposed Beaufort Sea sale
(EnergyWire $, 3/29/2018)

blue-dotEnvironmental groups bristle at feds collecting information on drilling in the Beaufort Sea
(Anchorage Daily News, 3/29/2018)

blue-dotTrump administration takes step to re-open protected Arctic Ocean to drilling
Group Statement (3/28/2018)

green-dotLandless communities continue fight for land
(KTOO, 3/27/2018)

green-dotConservationists see positives for Tongass in spending bill
(Associated Press, 3/22/2018)

green-dotThe big federal spending bill: what's in it for Alaska (and what isn't)
(Anchorage Daily News, 3/22/2018)

green-dotOmnibus bill advances free of harmful Tongass Riders
Statement by Adam Kolton, Executive Director (3/21/2018)

blue-dotCourt Allows groups to challenge Trump’s reversal of Arctic and Atlantic drilling ban
Group Statement (3/20/2018)

yellow-dotInterior continues warp speed push to open Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
Statement by Adam Kolton, Executive Director (3/8/2018)

blue-dotMore than 1 million comments submitted in opposition to Trump's offshore drilling plan
Group Statement (3/6/2018)

white-dotZinke’s One Year Anniversary: Promises Abandoned
Group Statement (3/1/2018)

orange-dotUSGS scientist resigns in tussle over release of NPR-A data
(APRN, 2/21/2018)

yellow-dotAlaska caribou population booms
(The Weather Channel, 2/21/2018)

yellow-dotAlaska delegation continues mad dash to open America’s wildest refuge to development
Statement by Kristen Miller, Conservation Director (2/21/2018)

yellow-dotTrump budget continues aggressive Arctic drilling push while keeping public in the dark
Statement by Adam Kolton, Executive Director (2/12/2018)

white-dotTrump Infrastructure Plan Would Gut Environmental Reviews, Rubber Stamp Permits for Corporate Polluters
Group Statement (2/12/2018)

orange-dotTrump's Arctic Oil, Gas Lease Sale Violated Environmental Rules, Lawsuits Claim
(InsideClimate News, 2/2/2018)

orange-dotTwo lawsuits challenge NPR-A lease sale
(APRN, 2/2/2018)

orange-dotLawsuit filed over Trump administration’s 2017 Western Arctic lease sale
Group Statement (2/2/2018)

yellow-dotTrump: 'I Never Appreciated ANWR' Until Oil Industry Friend Called
(EcoWatch, 2/2/2018)

yellow-dotTrump Explains Support for Oil Drilling in Arctic Refuge
(U.S. News & World Report, 2/1/2018)

yellow-dotTrump explains support for oil drilling in Arctic refuge
(Associated Press, 2/1/2018)


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