New Film Highlights the Beauty of the Arctic, and the Need to Protect it 

As opportunities for in-person gatherings have increased in recent years, Alaska Wilderness League has proudly supported the distribution of a captivating new documentary, “The Arctic: Our Last Great Wilderness.”

Using breathtaking footage from National Geographic Photographer, Florian Schulz, the film – which is currently appearing in IMAX and giant screen theaters throughout the United States – showcases Alaska’s Arctic, a remarkable place in the far north that few have truly seen until now. Florian and Princess Daazhraii Johnson (Neet’saii Gwich’in) narrate the film, helping to bring its story to life.

When speaking about her involvement in the project, Princess Daazhraii Johnson (who also appeared in Alaska Wilderness League’s Geography of Hope series in 2022) shared, “Lending my voice to this film is lending my spirit to this work which I care so deeply about. The film is filled with wonder and spirit and I feel humbled to do my small part in opening the public’s eyes to the beauty of these lands. When I watch the image of the Porcupine caribou herd, I also feel the spirit of my Ancestors. It’s a deeply emotional sight to behold and I’m grateful that a larger audience might realize why this place is worth protecting.”

Photo: Florian Schulz

Alaska Wilderness League has been fortunate to partner with the filmmakers on screenings throughout the country (including those covered on this blog). We are especially grateful to our partners at the Campion Advocacy Fund who helped make this documentary a reality and are eager to ensure many more people can experience the film to learn about the need for preserving Alaska’s Arctic.

In particular, the 19.6 million acres of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge highlighted in the movie are full of life and history. The land is home to hundreds of species of plants, birds, mammals, and fish. It supports Indigenous cultures and has global ecological importance. This public land is at risk and an active campaign persists to advance awareness of the threat and opportunities to protect this unique land.

View the official trailer for “The Arctic: Our Last Great Wilderness” below and find out if a screening is in your area here.

You can also enjoy some of Florian Schulz’s stunning footage in the “American Arctic” episode of the PBS series Nature. Find that trailer here.