League Supports Arctic Film Screenings in Portland

In January, Alaska Wilderness League teamed up with partners in Portland to host two exciting and well-attended film events. The first was the premiere screening of “Siqiniq” – a didactic film by Chad Brown that explores the issues of the climate crisis, the proposed Willow oil development project and the health problems facing Inupiaq communities in Arctic Alaska.

Trailer for Siqiniq

The film follows Siqiniq and the tensions she faces while working to bring these issues to light. It was great to have Siqiniq join us for the screening and the audience had a robust hour-long Q&A following the film, learning more about these complex issues and solutions. Visit the movie homepage here for more information on a screening.

Event organizer Erika Lundahl (Project Impact) with Monica Scherer (Alaska Wilderness League), Siqiniq and Chad Brown at an IMAX screening of “The Arctic: Our Last Great Wilderness.”

Next, the League hosted a special screening on the IMAX film “The Arctic: Our Last Great Wilderness” at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI). I must say that seeing the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in all its glory in an IMAX screening was breathtaking. Before the film, Chad and Siqiniq joined me for a panel discussion where we fielded questions from the audience and covered current issues facing the Arctic Refuge, the work we have ahead of us, and a few personal anecdotes about what traveling to the Refuge is like. Check here see if the film will be screened in your area.

Trailer of The Arctic: Our Last Great Wilderness

During our panel, an audience member asked if national organizations work together to coordinate efforts on our campaigns. Absolutely! One of the key roles the League plays in these campaigns is to help coordinate and drive efforts of engaged organizations, a key ingredient in our wins over the last 30 years.

In fact, these two events with Chad and Siqiniq were examples of how we engage familiar faces and many new ones across the country. For years the League has partnered with organizations, businesses and groups from across the country to help educate networks, empower people to lend their voices, and work with decision makers to advance protections for Alaska’s wild lands and waters.

We are constantly developing tactics as a coalition to make sure all the member action and engagement across the country has the most positive impact on wild Alaska protections. From athletes to bird lovers, faith organizations to zoos, over the years we have connected key voices with key decision makers, chalking up wins and holding the line on critical protections.