Alaska Wilderness League staff and supporters live in every corner of this country. Whenever concerned citizens voice their passion for Alaska’s wilderness in the media, we catalog it. Below you'll find Alaska in the news, as well as the most recent press releases from the League.

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yellow-dotBLM releases draft environmental impact statement for Arctic Refuge leasing
(Oil & Gas Journal, 12/20/2018)

yellow-dotTrump takes big step toward drilling in Alaska's Arctic Refuge
(Washington Examiner, 12/20/2018)

white-dotZinke’s likely replacement has been 'the man behind the curtain'
(Politico, 12/15/2018)

white-dotResigning Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke praised by Alaska senators, governor
(Anchorage Daily News, 12/15/2018)

white-dotRyan Zinke’s oil lobbyist deputy likely to replace him at Interior — but environmentalists say he’s ‘even worse’
(Raw Story, 12/15/2018)

orange-dotTrump Administration's Alaska Oil and Gas Lease Sale a 'Major Flop'
(EcoWatch, 12/13/2018)

orange-dotJudge rules against enviros in NPR-A leasing lawsuits
(E&E Greenwire, 12/7/2018)

yellow-dotIn the Blink of an Eye, a Hunt for Oil Threatens Pristine Alaska
(The New York Times, 12/3/2018)

yellow-dotArctic Drilling Is “Ecocide on an Incredible Diversity of Wildlife”
(Truthout, 11/29/2018)

yellow-dotGroups Gear Up to Fight Oil and Gas Development in Arctic Refuge
(Eos, 11/28/2018)

yellow-dotUsing Trump Tax Cut for Good: Patagonia Donates $10 Million to the Planet
(EcoWatch, 11/28/2018)

orange-dotTeshekpuk drilling in focus ahead of NPR-A plan revisions
(Arctic Sounder, 11/23/2018)

yellow-dotDemocrats to mark Trump's tax bill's anniversary with effort to repeal Arctic oil drilling
(Washington Examiner, 11/19/2018)

yellow-dotAlaska Natives lobby D.C. on Arctic Refuge development
(E&E Energywire, 11/19/2018)

green-dotDebbie Miller’s latest book takes readers to Prince William Sound
(KCAW, 10/19/2018)

green-dotPush for roads in Tongass about more than timber — officials
(Greenwire $, 10/4/2018)

green-dotAlaska roadless rule opens for public comment
(Juneau Empire, 8/30/2018)

green-dotTrump admin moves to ease Tongass restrictions
(Greenwire $, 8/30/2018)

yellow-dotDon’t rush into harming the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
(The Washington Post, 8/27/2018)

white-dotIn defense of King Cove deal, federal attorneys argue swap legal under ANILCA
(Alaska Journal of Commerce, 8/24/2018)

yellow-dotA sped-up timeline could make drilling in Alaska’s Arctic Refuge a reality — or prove to be its Achilles’ heel
(Arctic Today, 8/6/2018)

yellow-dotArctic Refuge may see seismic surveys ahead of lease sale
(Arctic Sounder, 8/5/2018)

yellow-dotFighting for a Way of Life in the Arctic
(The Progressive, 8/4/2018)

yellow-dotHow Oil Exploration Cut a Grid of Scars Into Alaska’s Wilderness
(The New York Times, 8/3/2018)

green-dotEndless, roadless: Forest Service tries again to settle Tongass development issues
(Juneau Empire, 8/2/2018)

yellow-dotInterior Department expedites Arctic Refuge review
(Arctic Sounder, 7/27/2018)

yellow-dotGrassroots Fighters for the Arctic Refuge Take the Case to DC
(EcoWatch, 7/18/2018)

white-dotKing Cove road opponents file motions for summary judgment
(Alaska Journal of Commerce, 7/16/2018)

yellow-dotAs government plans Arctic Refuge drilling, activists vow to continue protests
(ABC News, 6/24/2018)

yellow-dotDOI official expects Arctic Refuge leasing draft EIS by fourth quarter
(Oil & Gas Journal, 6/24/2018)

yellow-dotGroups Rally to Oppose Oil and Gas Drilling in the Arctic Refuge
(Alaska Native News, 6/15/2018)

yellow-dotRefuge drilling debate's last stop: Washington, D.C.
(EnergyWire $, 6/14/2018)

yellow-dotArctic Refuge seismic is planned
(Petroleum News, 6/10/2018)

yellow-dotFederal agency pegs $4M for Arctic Refuge infrastructure
(Associated Press, 6/7/2018)

yellow-dotFor the Arctic Refuge, a flurry of activity
(The New York Times, 6/6/2018)

yellow-dotFeds Receive First Application to Explore Arctic Refuge for Oil
(Ecowatch, 5/31/2018)

yellow-dotInterior Department worried about application for oil, gas exploration in Arctic Refuge
(Washington Examiner, 5/31/2018)

yellow-dotNative Corporations ask to start looking for oil in Arctic Refuge
(APRN, 5/31/2018)

yellow-dotFirms apply to hunt for oil in Arctic Refuge
(Greenwire $, 5/31/2018)

yellow-dotCompanies Want to Begin Exploring the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for Oil by Winter
(Earther, 5/31/2018)

yellow-dotAdministration Continues Push For Arctic Oil
(WXPR Public Radio, 5/25/2018)

yellow-dotAlaska Wilderness League's Kristen Miller on the need to protect the Arctic Refuge
(WOCA The Source Radio, 5/24/2018)

yellow-dotDemocratic bill would prevent oil and gas drilling in Arctic Refuge
(Greenwire $, 5/22/2018)

green-dotOutdoor Explorer: Prince William Sound
(Alaska Public Radio, 4/27/2018)

blue-dotU.S. extends comment period for Beaufort Sea drilling
(United Press International, 4/26/2018)

green-dotReply to Tongass roadless exemption bid imminent — official
(E&E Daily $, 4/25/2018)

white-dotMore than 100 groups call on Congress to oppose weakening national park protections
(The Hill, 4/24/2018)

yellow-dotGwich’in Call on Canadians to Speak Out Against Trump’s Arctic Drilling Push
(DeSmogBlog Canada, 4/21/2018)

yellow-dotArctic wilderness area in Alaska to be opened to drilling
(United Press International, 4/20/2018)

yellow-dotTrump administration launches process to lease ANWR for drilling
(Anchorage Daily News, 4/19/2018)


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