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Polar bears on the edge, with Steven Kazlowski

Photo Credit: Steven Kazlowski, Join us for a conversation with internationally renowned polar bear photographer Steven Kazlowski. In this epic Geography of Hope episode, we hear firsthand accounts and enjoy stunning photographs of his adventures with polar bears in the Arctic. Author of “The Last Polar Bear: Facing the Truth of a Warming World”…

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A thousand trails home, with Seth Kantner

Author Seth Kantner shares stories from his new book, a stunningly lyrical firsthand account of a life spent hunting, studying and living alongside caribou in wild Alaska. “A Thousand Trails Home,” written by Seth Kantner, encompasses the historical past and present day, revealing the fragile and intertwined lives of people and animals surviving in an…

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A Shape in the Dark: Living and Dying with Brown Bears

The League’s most recent Geography of Hope presentation — featuring Drew Hamilton and Bjorn Dilhe, and highlighting Bjorn’s upcoming book “A Shape in the Dark” — offered a unique chance to experience Alaska’s brown and black bears and learn from Bjorn’s lifelong experiences with and passion for these animals.

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