Polar bears on the edge, with Steven Kazlowski

Photo Credit: Steven Kazlowski, LeftEyePro.com

Join us for a conversation with internationally renowned polar bear photographer Steven Kazlowski.

In this epic Geography of Hope episode, we hear firsthand accounts and enjoy stunning photographs of his adventures with polar bears in the Arctic. Author of “The Last Polar Bear: Facing the Truth of a Warming World” and “Ice Bear: The Arctic World of Polar Bears,” Steven Kazlowski is a wildlife photographer who has extensively photographed polar bears and their critical Arctic coastal habitat, something he will to continue throughout the international Arctic — an area rapidly being affected by climate change.

Kazlowski has traveled to the remote Beaufort and Chukchi seas in the Arctic Ocean, from Point Hope in western Alaska to Herschel Island in the Yukon, to photograph the magnificent polar bears and record the intricacies of this delicately balanced ecosystem. In this Geography of Hope episode, you’ll hear anecdotes of life among the bears and acquire more in-depth understanding of the scientific, political and social issues that surround climate change.

Kazlowski is known within the photography community for his skills of observation and his determination to capture an image even in extreme weather conditions. Kazlowski lives and travels frequently from Washington to Alaska, photographing the natural world. A major supporter of Alaska Wilderness League, Steven’s photographs have been featured in Audubon, Backpacking, Canadian National Geographic, National Geographic for Kids, National Wildlife, Sierra and TIME magazines.

You can find more of Steven’s work on his website.