Hidden Wonders of the Western Arctic with Peter Mather

Photo credit: Peter Mather

Join Peter Mather in exploring hidden wonders of the Arctic! Meet the street foxes of Whitehorse, Yukon, hear stories about a caribou calf rescue, enjoy tales of wolverines in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska, and so much more.

After spending over a decade photographing hidden wonders partly in a region inadequately named the “National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska,” Peter pairs first-hand stories with world-class images that show why the Arctic is such a unique and special place.

About the photographer and speaker: Peter Mather loves (in order) soccer, photography, McDonald’s and living healthy. His photo stories revolve around life in the North with a focus on wildlife and community culture. He is a fellow with the International League of Conservation, a Lumix Ambassador and represented by National Geographic Image Collection. You can follow his photography and peculiar humor on Instagram at @matherpeter.

Top photo credit: Peter Mather