This article is re-posted with permission, and originally appeared on Medium. The We Are The Arctic campaign is a growing movement of diverse voices coming together around the unprecedented opportunity to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Learn more at: Read more
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The History Of The Gwich’in Gathering

League Staff | July 15, 2016
In June of 1988, the elders and traditional leaders of the Gwich’in Athabascans congregated for the first customary gathering of their Nation in more than a century. July 26th will mark the first day of the 15th biennial Gwich’in Gathering, this year in Arctic Village. Read more
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The Month Of May Is For The Migratory Birds

Corey Himrod | May 23, 2016
(This story originally appeared on EcoWatch.) May 14 was International Migratory Bird Day, a chance to celebrate some of our most amazing and iconic birds and a reminder of the need to preserve the habitat that is critical to their survival. Read more
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Arctic Advocates Come To Washington

League Staff | April 29, 2016
(This post originally appeared on Huffington Post Green.) It’s that time of year. The cherry blossoms spring to life, there are crowds of school kids on their first trips to Washington, DC, our Metro is full of tourists seeing the monuments or touring the museums - and Alaska Wilderness League...
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