New Corporate Partner Joins the Ranks

Alaska Wilderness League is fortunate to work with an incredible slate of corporate partners and supporters to help advance strong protections for Alaska public lands and waters. Today, the League is excited to welcome a new brand among these ranks: TeamPlanting.  

TeamPlanting is the newest partner to join a growing group of businesses and organizations dedicated to creating a better future for Alaska’s wildest places. As a mission-oriented jewelry brand, TeamPlanting is committed to reforestation, wildlife conservation and habitat restoration efforts worldwide, but particular in the U.S. This has led to meaningful partnerships with organizations aligned with those focus areas, providing support in numerous ways to these important causes.  

This new partnership with Alaska Wilderness League will provide needed resources to the League’s campaigns including the League’s work to preserve America’s two largest national forests, the Tongass and the Chugach. 

You can learn more about TeamPlanting and its existing partners on their website.