Photo credit: USFS

Whether it’s exploring the wildest places left in North America or safeguarding the time-honored tradition of gathering food from the land, we advocate for the Alaskan traditions and cultures that are today sustained by public lands and waters in the state. Understanding this tie between people and Alaska’s public lands helps us protect both for present and future generations.

Alaska Wilderness League’s staff in Anchorage, Alaska bridges the gap between Alaskans and elected officials making decisions about our state in Washington D.C. We do this by keeping state residents up to date about threats and opportunities to engage in critical decisions about Alaska’s lands and waters that will affect them personally.

Across Alaska’s Arctic, we seek long lasting protections for land, air, and water that can sustain the region’s wildlife and subsistence way of life. In the Chugach National Forest, we seek protections that provide for the continued enjoyment of one of Alaska’s most accessible wild places, while also sustaining the economy and cultures in the region. And in the Tongass National Forest, we support protections for the best wild salmon and wildlife habitat and sustainable economic opportunities, while seeking an end to the destructive, industrial scale old-growth logging that threatens the ecological integrity of the region and opportunities for its people.

Read more about our efforts and explorations below, and for more information, email State Director Andy Moderow at andy@alaskawild.org.