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A legacy gift that pays you back

A charitable gift annuity with Alaska Wilderness League is a gift that can provide you and/or a beneficiary with steady, secure income for life.

Benefits of a Charitable Gift Annuity:

  • Further the work of Alaska Wilderness League with your gift.
  • Receive fixed payments for you and/or another annuitant you designate for life.
  • Receive a charitable income tax deduction for the charitable gift portion of the annuity.
  • Benefit from payments that may be partially tax-free.

How a Charitable Gift Annuity Works:
Alaska Wilderness League has partnered with the National Gift Annuity Foundation (NGAF) to help the League manage these gifts and meet state regulations. Here’s how it works:

  • You transfer cash or property to NGAF and designate the remainder to Alaska Wilderness League.
  • In exchange, you receive fixed payments for life. The payment can be quite high depending on your age, and a portion of each payment may even be tax-free.
  • You will receive a charitable income tax deduction for the gift portion of the annuity.
  • The principal passes to Alaska Wilderness League after the lifetime of the income beneficiaries, helping to advance protections for Alaska’s wildest places.

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