Video: Alaska Wilderness League Calls on Biden to Stop Climate Disaster

“If you care about climate, then you need to care about Willow,” video call-to-action declares

Washington, D.C. – Alaska Wilderness League, through a video, is calling on President Biden to stop ConocoPhillips’ massive Willow proposal, which would industrialize the western Arctic. The video asks those opposed to the proposal to make their voices heard through public comments that the Bureau of Land Management is collecting until August 29.

“If you care about climate change, then you need to care about Willow and speak out against it,” said Peter Winsor, executive director of Alaska Wilderness League. “We’re appealing directly to President Biden to fulfill his climate promises and protect his climate legacy.”

Willow is the largest oil development proposed on public lands, projected to emit at least 250 million metric tons of climate pollution over the next 30 years, equivalent to dozens of new coal-fired power plants or tens of millions of cars.

Willow is so bad that this single project will erase all of President Biden’s renewable energy progress on public lands and make his ambitious climate and public lands protection goals difficult to achieve. It’s also just the start for this region of the western Arctic. Oil giant ConocoPhillips has stated that Willow is just the beginning. Willow would anchor our nation to Alaskan oil for decades, just as scientists say we need to switch to renewable energy.

Alaska Wilderness League is launching the video today to help drive public action on Willow. Americans are concerned about the climate crisis, and this video explains the huge climate threat posed by Willow. “If you care about solving the climate crisis, please make your voice heard,” Winsor said. “Watch the video, then tell the Biden administration to fulfill the President’s promises and stop Willow from becoming our nation’s biggest climate disaster.”

Photo Credit: Kiliii Yuyan