Share Your Favorite Salmon Recipe!

What creates a spectacular meal? Recipes and training help, that’s true, but of course the real key is…the ingredients.

And wherever you are in Alaska, you can harvest the most wild and sustainable ingredients imaginable – like wild salmon from the waters that wind through the Tongass National Forest. These salmon taste amazing, are incredibly healthy, and support communities throughout southeast Alaska. Here’s your chance to share your favorite wild salmon recipe!

Today, in grocery stores across the US, you can buy a variety of wild Alaska salmon and make the connection between our dinner plate and the importance of sustaining wild salmon stocks and healthy forest ecosystems.

A coastal temperate rainforest with more than 4,500 salmon-bearing streams interwoven throughout its landscape, the Tongass is truly a “salmon forest.” The forest provides an extraordinary spawning habitat for five species of Pacific salmon (Chinook, Coho, Sockeye, Pink and Chum), and in turn the salmon return nutrients to forest. These salmon also support the region’s extraordinary wildlife – everything from majestic bald eagles to iconic brown bears.

To celebrate this special forest and its delicious flavors, please share your favorite recipe for salmon here!