Gwich’in Leader Journeys To The Northeast To Teach Importance Of Arctic Refuge

Earlier this year, Gwich’in Athabascan David Solomon traveled from remote Copper, Alaska, to snowy Vermont for a series of events dubbed Arctic Week. David is originally from Fort Yukon, Alaska, a Gwich’in village above the Arctic Circle. David, along with photographers Stephen Goreman, Bob Thorpe and Richard Kahn, spoke to a variety of audiences about how amazing America’s Arctic is and why we should protect it for future generations.

Events were held at Dartmouth College, Vermont Institute of Natural Sciences, St. Thomas Episcopal Church, The Kendal at Hanover, University of Vermont, and the Montshire Museum. David was also able to speak at two services at St. James Episcopal Church in Woodstock, Vermont. All told, at 15 separate events, more than 700 people learned about protecting the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge over the course of the week.

We thank David for taking the time to travel so far to educate concerned citizens.

Read more about some of his past work here.

And you can watch him in action here (2:00 and onward).