Adam Kolton joins Hannah Blake to talk Arctic Refuge

Adam Kolton, executive director of Alaska Wilderness League, joins Hannah Blake to discuss the bounty of beauty and life that is the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Hannah Blake is a professional dancer, entrepreneur and citizen journalist committed to helping unlock humanity’s full potential, which she believes can only be achieved through alignment and deep kinship with our home planet. Her new podcast, For The Revolution, is, as she describes it, “the living product of her academic, healing and artistic careers, and is a passion project emanating directly from her heart.” And you can find additional reading here.

Adam recently joined Hannah to chat about the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and why this land is so vital for the culture and wellbeing of the Gwich’in people, whose villages reside along the migratory route of the Porcupine caribou herd — a herd that returns each year to the Arctic Refuge coastal plain to birth new calves.