Just to the north and west of the Tongass sits the Chugach National Forest, our nation’s second largest forest and the most northern of all of America’s national forests. Covering approximately 5.4 million acres in Anchorage’s “backyard,” the Chugach is a breathtaking place defined by rugged landscapes of rock and ice, crystal clear streams overflowing with salmon and trout, and surrounding forest land that is home to brown bears, moose and a bald eagle population larger than the continental 48 states combined.

The Chugach has three distinct landscapes: the Eastern Kenai Peninsula, a hiker’s paradise that offers hundreds of miles of maintained trails; the Copper River Delta, America’s largest contiguous wetlands and one of the most essential bird habitats in the world; and Prince William Sound, home to the 2.1 million acre Nellie Juan-College Fjord Wilderness Study Area.