As a member of the Alaska Wild Giving Society, you are part of a special community of supporters who are truly making vital efforts to protect wild Alaska. Without your support, none of our work would be possible. Thank you from all of us who care deeply about keeping Alaska wild.

444S Foundation
Toni Armstrong and Richard Spener
Thomas Barron
Brainerd Foundation
Richard and Stephanie Brooks
Tom and Sonya Campion
The Campion Foundation
Classic Accessories
Andrew Conru
David and Linda Cornfield
The Conservation Alliance
Ellen Ferguson
Hugh & Jane Ferguson Foundation
Kristen Grimm
Lois Irwin
Kendeda Fund
Jeffrey Kenner
Betsy Loyless
Susan and Jeffrey Lubetkin
Camilo Lopez
Peter and Kathy Metcalf
Anne Mize
Sandra Moss
New Venture Fund
The North Face
Patagonia, Inc
Andrew Sabin Family Foundation
Ron and Eva Sher
Judith Schwartz Sorrel
Tortuga Foundation
True North Foundation
Western Conservation Foundation
Wilburforce Foundation
$7,500 – $9,999
David Bock
Mr. Brad J. Carlquist
Allen Rickert

$5,000 – $7,499
Marc and Maud Daudon
Combined Federal Campaign
Bob Osborne
Bruce Gitlin
Carl L. Haefling and Pamela C. Johnson
Erik Jansen
Ann Lovell
Pew Charitable Trusts
Margaret and Tom Ralph
Seattle Foundation
Steve Silberstein
Dr. Gene and Mrs. Joanne Wilhelm

$2,500 – $4,999
Camp Denali & North Face Lodge
Lynn Kilbourne
Betty A. Lewis University Environmental Charitable Trust
Mildred Lillis
Debbie and Mark Moderow
Monsanto Fund
Recreational Equipment Inc.
Nancy Ritzenthaler
William B. Thompson
Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
Washington Women’s Foundation
$1,000 – $2,499
Nancy Abbey
Kris Abshire
Kai Anderson
Valerie M. Anton
Alaska Wildland Adventures
Bank of America Foundation
Erika Boka
Peter P. Bradley
Cameron Foundation
Gloria Castillo
John and Theresa Cederholm
Susan N. Clark
Marta Chase and Kicab Castaneda-Mendez
Anne Marie McPherson Davis
William Donnelly
Scott Ferguson
Mark Follett
Ms. Sally Harris
Christopher and Marcia Hazlitt
Loren Hostek
Piper Jaffray
Bob and Judy Jung
Nancy Kennaway
Ana Kimball
Tom and Kate Klein
Adam Kolton and Laura Greer Kolton
Carol and Chet Kolton
Hertha Lehmann
Jack Lentfer
Norbert and Christine Leupold
Mr. & Mrs. Lindholm
Michael Matz and Sally Shuffield
Debbie Miller
Jay Nelson
Andrew and Leslie Nicholls
Phyllis Reynolds
Larry Rockefeller
Kate Roosevelt and Caroline Maillard
Jim and Gillian Rose
Lora Lewis Rudd
Catherine Walker and David Fuqua
Andy Schlickman
Greg Singleton
Patricia Sharpnack
Sherron Shuffield
Catherine H. Smith and Peter Maxson
John Stamper
Carol and John Stansfield
John Taylor
John I. Taylor
Sue Thompson
Judy Wagonfeld
Catherine Walker and David Fuqua
Wilmington Trust
Leonard Wittwer
$500 – $999
3M Foundation
Cindy M. Adams and John L. Adams
Louise Adler
Bergans of Norway
Anissa Berry-Frick
Todd Blum
Robin Bryant
Duane Callahan
Douglas Caves
Keith Cowan
Thomas and Mary Ann Cummings
Jane Clark
The Douglass Foundation
Ms. Dianne Engleke
Becky Erickson
Richard Fiddler
Jonathan and Anne Fox
Justine Frischmann
Alison Fujino
Marilyn Harlan
Peter and Sheri Harris
Brian Henning
Stephanie Jacobs
Mary Hoffman
Steve and Christine Janney
Betsy Keithley and John Olson
Lexi and Miles Keogh
Shirley Langlois
Lynn Larsen
Sylvia Lucas
Gareth Martins
Jack McCarron
Kathleen W. McLane
George K. McLelland
John and Carol Meland
Amy Mower
John Nelson
Bill and Monica Oliver
Christopher Perrault
Jeffrey Petrich
William Pope
Joan Poor
Corinne Ribble
David Rockefeller
Katie Sako
Jennifer and Tim Schwab
Joyce Scheffey
Mark Schuermann
Eleanor Schwartz
Lawrence and Diane Shackman
Cindy Shogan and Brooks Yeager
Cyrus Spurlino
John and Dorothy Stade
James and Linda Stinson
Beverly Strassmann
James and Patricia Swanson
John A. Trotter
Mr. Steve Weems
David Weinstein
Jodean Werner
Carole Whitehead
Leslie Williams
Suzanne Williams
Edward Witten
David Worthington
Ms. Sandra P. Yarrington

If you have questions about your giving, or would like to update your name, please contact Chris Konish: