Draw attention to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge by creating a bookmark masterpiece!

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is one of the wildest places left in the United States. Located in the northeast corner of Alaska, and with a range of nearly twenty million acres, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is the largest wildlife refuge in our country’s public lands system. Home to an amazing array of animals, the Arctic Refuge provides a unique learning opportunity to study animal adaptations, unique and rare species, as well as migration. Did you know that a bird travels from your state to the Arctic Refuge every year? We are all connected to this wonderful and wild place.


Entries must be received by May 12, 2017. Entries can be emailed to or mailed to Alaska Wilderness League, 321 Second Ave, Phoenixville PA 19460.

Here are a variety of support materials for you to share with your students. I look forward to seeing the amazing designs your students come up with after they learn about the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.



From left to right: Nina Villadolid (Grade 8), Maggie Hughes (Grade 8), Haley Crump (Grade 1)


  • The Arctic Refuge is home to a wide variety of species including the sure footed dall sheep, arctic foxes, musk ox and three different species of bears; black bears, brown bears and polar bears!
  • The Porcupine Caribou herd is named after the river they follow during their long annual migration. Nearly 199,000 caribou travel to the Arctic Refuge every year and calve on the Coastal Plain May-July.
  • The Arctic Refuge contains one of the most important on-land denning sites for polar bears.
  • Musk ox have inhabited the Arctic for many thousands of years, and their long shaggy hair is well adapted to the frigid climate.
  • Two permanent villages’ livelihoods have been tied to the Arctic Refuge for thousands of years: Kaktovik and Arctic Village.

Criteria for winning: 
– Bookmarks judged on originality, design, and reproducibility.
– Original entries only – no tracing or use of copyrighted images, such as cartoon characters.
– Created solely by the eligible contestant – no adult contributions.
– All entries must be clear and reproducible.
– If you include words, check for correct spelling and that writing is clear and fits the space well.
– When using marking pens, avoid fluorescent or neon colors.
– For crayons and colored pencils, make sure the colors are filled in and solid. Sketching does not reproduce well.
– No computer generated art.
– Use this entry form or an exact photocopy of the same size.
– Do not enlarge or reduce the size.

Background Materials: 

* Winning bookmarks become the property Alaska Wilderness League. They will be printed and distributed as Alaska Wilderness League bookmarks, used in other League related materials, and posted on the Alaska Wilderness League web site.