9 Breathtaking Images Show A Warming Arctic

Corey Himrod | August 18, 2016
(Written by David Thoreson. David Thoreson is a professional photographer, Explorers Club Fellow, and the first American sailor in history to sail the infamous Northwest Passage in both directions. He has authored a book called Over the Horizon. This piece originally appeared on EcoWatch and is re-posted with permission.) Read more
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This article is re-posted with permission, and originally appeared on Medium. The We Are The Arctic campaign is a growing movement of diverse voices coming together around the unprecedented opportunity to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Learn more at: www.wearethearctic.org. Read more
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What A Difference A Year Makes

Leah Donahey | June 29, 2016
Above, Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon speaks to more than 100 people in Washington, DC, at a May 2016 gathering in opposition to proposed leases in Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico. (Photo: Alaska Wilderness League) From fighting Shell as it journeyed to start drilling in the Arctic, to finding ourselves a big...
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