Two Million And Counting Against Offshore Drilling

Last week, members of the U.S. Senate pressed President Obama to strengthen his commitment to act on climate change by dropping all new fossil fuel leases from America’s 5-year ocean leasing program. And in that spirit, I was proud to join with folks from the Arctic, Atlantic and Gulf last week as we delivered more […]

On A Floatplane In Alaska

(This piece originally appeared on The League’s own Rainforest Campaign Manager, Dan Kirkwood, guided Federico Sandoval as he headed into the Tongass National Forest for a bear watching adventure.)

In Alaska’s Western Arctic, Big Things Can Have Small Beginnings

Unmatched for its extraordinary ecological values and subsistence resources, the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska is rich in wilderness and wildlife. But development in the Reserve begins next winter, as ConocoPhillips seeks to exploit this pristine place in the name of oil profits. A new piece from Politico investigates how we reached this new reality.