Once a year, Alaska Wilderness League, the Sierra Club, the Wilderness Society and the National Audubon Society work with other organizations in the Alaska Coalition to hold Alaska Wilderness Week, an activism and leadership training in Washington, DC. Attendees learn more about issues impacting public land and waters in Alaska, hear first-hand accounts about the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, as well as the industrial threats to these areas and how global warming – which Alaska is experiencing at a disproportionately high rate – already affects wild lands and waters, wildlife populations and Alaska Native communities.

Now, more than ever, our elected officials in Washington D.C. must see that people across the country want our public lands protected. Starting in early 2017 Alaska’s vast and beautiful public lands will be under the jurisdiction of a Republican president, a Republican-controlled Senate and a Republican-controlled House. What’s more, the newly-elected Trump administration and the Alaska delegation have come out swinging to drill in the Arctic.

But, we have been up against difficult odds in the past. We fought the uphill battle for protections before and we excel at it. During George W. Bush’s presidency, we turned back countless attacks on America’s Arctic. We can do it again. With your help, we can make sure that the lands and waters of Alaska remain brimming with life and beauty.

Bring your voice and join us March 11-15 in Washington DC for Wilderness Week 2017! Apply here today. Applications will be accepted until February 3, 2017.

Our 2016 Alaska Wilderness Week was held April 23- 27 in Washington, DC. Thirty people from all across the country were able to meet with 60 Congressional offices including face-to-face meetings with 6 members of Congress. Thank you to all who took the time out of their busy schedules to come to DC to speak for our public lands and waters in Alaska!

We are excited to build on the success of last Wilderness Week! We our focusing our recruitment on a number of states whose elected officials will prove to be most critical during upcoming fights to protect the Arctic Refuge. If you have any questions about our recruitment efforts or Wilderness Week in general, please email monica[at]alaskawild[dot]org.

Please note: there is a significant amount of walking involved in participating in Wilderness Week. You will be walking from our office to both the House and Senate office buildings as well as back and forth between the buildings over the course of three days “storming the Hill.”

Getting the Training

By attending grassroots, media, and advocacy trainings and listening to panels comprised of leaders from the conservation and Alaska Native communities, Wilderness Week attendees develop the skills that they need to be effective Alaska advocates.

Meeting Your Members of Congress

Following the training, Wilderness Week activists will have the opportunity to meet with their members of Congress on Capitol Hill to ask them to keep Alaska wild.

Taking Your Skills Home

Attendees will return home equipped with the skills and inspiration to continue volunteering to help protect wild Alaska. Attendees are encouraged to create their own plan of action based on the education and outreach techniques learned throughout the week and implement that plan when they get home. Attendees are supported throughout the process by the field staff from Alaska Wilderness League who are located across the country. Many past attendees have had articles and letters to the editor published in their local papers following their trips to Washington.